Spring Leather

Leather isn’t just for winter or lead singers. We treated supple leather with a feminine, luxurious hand. We draped and crafted it to form easy trousers, a fit and flare dress, and a soft-on-the-skin blouse. The result is subtle, sensuous and minimal.

“A second skin should feel just like that – as soft as skin – on the inside and outside of a piece.”
— Korrie Vulkers

The sensuous craft and lush appeal of leather are synonymous with the Stills Atelier DNA.

Our butter-soft leather is sourced in Italy and chosen for its fluidity and ability to be draped into luxurious shapes.

Your favourite menswear inspired buttondown. Now in sensuous leather. The thin, supple leather means you can style just like its cotton cousin. Cuff the sleeves, or wear it open over a tank as a light summer overshirt.

An easy to wear jogger-style trouser does double duty with sleek metal buttons to taper or loosen the lower leg.

Functional meets feminine to create a highly modern and minimalist silhouette.

Feminine Metallics

The metallic trousers are high-shine and whisper-thin. They are cut from 100% Japanese Cupro that has a cool touch on the skin.

“Our metallics have a heavy drape in a lightweight fabric. Its what gives them their ultra luxurious look, and makes them perfect for warmer weather.”
— Korrie Vulkers

Pitch perfect layering needs shine. Add an accent, or mix and match metallic pieces.

“Our metallics are a sophisticated take on the trend. They’re always subtle and refined.” — Korrie Vulkers

For the Spring Summer season we’ve added a warm blush of colour with feminine metallics. Shades of copper, brass and antique gold are an alluring accent, or entirely combinable.

For the summer shift we chose a metallic fabric with a couture-like rigidity that creates beautiful curves on the body. Black side contours creates a form-accentuating contrast.

Traces of metallic light are woven into the fabric for a light-capturing quality.

Kimono Shapes

“The jaquard coat with hand-loomed fabric has a ceremonial feel that celebrates thoughtfulness and attention to dressing.”
— Korrie Vulkers

Wrapping and tying, inspired by Kimono dressing, adds an element of tradition and ritual to modern pieces.

This season has a looser attitude as we play with proportions. Japanese influences are apparent in kimono-like shapes with fastenings and waists that allude to judoattire.

Oversized proportions can be worn loose, or cinched in to reveal the body’s shape with waist-ties on trousers and jackets.

“Kimono shapes are highly combinable. Paired with more fitted pieces they create balance while bringing a casual and creative mood.”
— Korrie Vulkers

Kimono shapes echo a distinctly ‘60s sentiment.